Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Arrgh...Necessary Housekeeping

So, Google and Blogger, for whatever reason, have "lost" my accounts. I am told that this was a "technical" issue and not due to any fault on my part, but now I am left to start again. So, I am looking to see if I have text files of any entries from the past four years, rebuilding this blog and starting a new email account.

Some of us are just destined to be buried by Murphy's Law....

O, Father, please help me!

Sunday, October 15, 2006


There is something truly unnerving about not being able to speak normally. Dysphonia, they're calling it. That strangled sensation in my throat that makes me sound as if I'm just this side of stupid, whilst my mind is yet fully engaged. It's embarrassing, and sometimes very frightening.

"Offer it up," I tell myself. Little comfort.

I wonder what will happen if it never returns? Will I ever be able to sing? Will I have to remain silent during Mass so as not to disturb those around me?

What is certain is that no one will ever want to deal with me as long as this is going on....sigh....